Can I really have a free hairstyle?

Well, not the actual cut but you certainly can see what it will look like before you pay out any money to a hairdresser and then find that it is not exactly what you want!
Try it for yourself HERE for FREE.
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As you can see from some of the comments elsewhere on this website,
for a while some of the items featured here cost money!
Now those items are FREE again – right HERE!

It really is so easy to see what a certain style would look like before you have to pay a hairdresser to do it for you.  It is not an easy thing to get a style that suits your face.  Some of us have round faces, some long, some square, some oblong, etc and so a style that will look good on one person will most certainly not look good on another.  I am reminded of Julie Walters in the movie “Educating Rita” when she, as a hairdresser, had a client one day who wanted her hair cut like Princess Diana.  The woman herself did not have the prettiest of faces, in fact I think it would be fair to say she was rather ugly, although I am loathe to say that because I believe that everyone is beautiful in some way or another.  It just needs the right style and perhaps makeup.  Obviously Princess Di’s hair was wonderful for her but on the face of this client, a definite no no.

I have often gone into a salon with very definite ideas on what I would like done but so far have always been told I cannot have it like that.  No-one ever tells me why, just, no that is not a good idea.  Sometimes they will say something like “you cannot have it curly in the front and straight at the back because that would be two different styles”.  Well why can’t I?  If that is what I want, then surely I should be able to have it. When I look at some of the hairstyles around today I wonder where some of the ideas came from and would love to go up to the people and ask them who cut their hair for them.

With a virtual hairstyle I am able to put a style onto my face and see what it would look like.  If I like the look of my photo with that new style, then I can take the photo to a hairdresser and they can see that, yes, it would work.  Or maybe I will be proved wrong and it will look terrible on my face shape.

Anyway, here you are able to put your photo into the computer and try on thousands of different styles to your heart’s content.  Long ones, short ones, medium length ones, curly ones, you name it, they are all here. You can spend a whole day doing it if you want to until you find the one that really gives you a lift. When you do find the one you like, print out the picture and take it with you to the hair salon where hopefully the hairdresser will be able to interpret the picture onto your head.


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