What hairstyle will fit me? (Photos to help you)?

Ok. Im gettin a haircut soon and i always just get a edge up to just maintain the hair. But i wanna cut the sides cause their getting longer.

So can anybody tell me what should i get or show me a pic of a hairstyle that i should get that will fit me. I usually get bald fade but i don’t like it that much (But if you guys think i that looks good with one then ok tell me)

Here are the links of me.. Now i have thin hair and i like to use the gel because it looks good to me.

Testing Flickr



Just pics around the hair.



Now can somebody help me find the good hairstyle (short) that i should get.
Ok. I shaved it off before but it didn’t look right. I did spiked it.

Im just tryin to see what should i do wit the sides. Should i fade it low, med, or somethin lol

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