what hairstyle!!! depsrate! photos!!!!?

i knw this has been posted but i reali need help!
im about to go to the hairdresser, and need help finding a style that would suit me…….

i have a heart shape face,
browny goldishy hair,
a fringe just past my eyes,
and just past shoulda length hair,

i cant do layers, for personal reasons, btu what can i do?? this is me…

on the rite:


on teh left left..

my hair is often dry and frizzy and bushy, and i cant straighten it because my hairs falling out, for some reason so its best not to, but what should i do????? haircuts!!!!! plz help me! what will make me most prettyy!
a short hair style?, anything plz help!!!!!!!!!! what woudl i suit!? and somethen easy to mamnage?

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