Would this hairstyle suit me? With photos.?

https://www.bebo.com/PhotoAlbumBig.jsp?MemberId=1511910174&PhotoAlbumId=10145033107&PhotoId=10087368003 << this is me now, i want my hair cutting but i want a longer style. i had my hair cut shorter recently and now all i do is push it back like in this photo >> https://www.bebo.com/PhotoAlbumBig.jsp?PageNbr=1&MemberId=1511910174&PhotoAlbumId=10145033107&PhotoId=10173185597 .. but anyway would this hairstyle suit me? https://www.coutureinthecity.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/reese-witherspoon.jpg .. my friends said it would suit me because i have a heart shape face but am not sure, i’d have to grow my hair longer first or does this suit me better.. https://s139.photobucket.com/albums/q311/Cordelia_bitch/Jennifer%20Love%20Hewitt/?action=view&current=jenniferlovehewittemmy200621ao.jpg
thanks for the help

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