(Photos included) Please help me with baby fats and hairstyle!?

Hi, I’m 14 this year (female). i have some difficulties on my baby fat. It keeps bothering my confidence. 🙁

Is my face too chubby?? I have baby fats on my cheeks since I was a baby. Any ways to reduce them please??

This is the look when I smile. I’m 163 cm tall and 48 kg heavy. My face bone is quite slim, its just my cheeks that bothers me right now..

Also, please recommend me some hairstyles which will suit me? (please include celebs’ photos to show too)
I’ve been thinking to cut this kind of hairstyle:
Dont need to go far, its the girl in black. Will that hairstyle suit me?

Thank you very much! Ten points!! 😀

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