Allen Walker Hairstyle Photos?

(I’m doing the hairstyle that you first see him in, the one that just brushes his jaw)
I have a white, more-or-less-good-quality wig for my Allen Walker cosplay, but the hair on the wig comes down to the bottom of my shoulder blades. It’s straight and white, so I don’t need to do either of those, but I do want it ‘wispy’ or ‘scruffy’ or whatever.

Oh, and shorter.
Mum was thinking of seeing if the person who cuts my hair could cut and style my cosplay wig while it was pinned to my head (like my grandma did with her wig after she got cancer), but I need some reference pictures to show her (my hairstylist).

I would like some ref. pictures of Allen Walker’s hair from the front, back and maybe the side. I looked in my mangas, but all the pictures are a bit too small, or else it only shows half of his head.

Thank you!
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