Wedding hair?

Was going to have a hairstylist do it, but decided too much of a hassle and too expensive, my mom is pretty good with hair.
so she decided to order two of these
one will be where it is in the photo and the other will be above it so it looks longer, they are clipped in and very sturdy clips…
Has anyone done this?
trust me, its anything but plain, considering the way i normally wear my hair….
to answer the question, what if i get it and don’t like it? well i’ve got plenty of time….it will be her by xmas eve and we’ll try it..if i don’t like we’ll send it back lol…

I don’t want anything to extravagent for those who said it was boring lol….my dress is a victorian looking dres…the hairstyle works with it 🙂

i was asking if anyone had done this, (thank you to those who answered that question)
not "what do you think"

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