Please help me find a hairstyle! (pictures)?

I have always had horrible hairstyles. Every time I get it cut, I like my hair for about a week, then it grows out, and I end up putting it in a ponytail every day.

My hair is currently half-permed curly (so, in other words, really gross!), since it’s grown out a lot and I haven’t had it cut yet. I don’t know if I want to straighten it and grow it out or just cut it all off into a short style (my bangs are straight, they were never permed to curl).

I like this hairstyle:
But I’m afraid that my face would end up looking weird with long hair.

I also like this style:
But I’m afraid that I’d look too masculine with short hair!

Please, opinions would be great, and feel free to look at other hairstyles, too, if you think I’d be awful with either of those.

My photos:

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