How to hairstyle – bangs?

I have naturally curly hair – and a lot of it -_-”
I’m new with my new hairstyle and is having trouble with it D:
I have those bangs that go almost across my forehead and everytime I straighten them, they lay too staight and fall down to my face and won’t stay in shape/place.
So in regard to that, how do I really set up my hair when its wet(after shower) – so when it drys it ‘hovers’ over my forehead without being flat, and has a curve to it so it could fit my face :D.

After the shower I set up my hair the way I want it to dry it as and then put my back hair in a low pony tail (to make my hair thinner) and then push my bangs back(to it could give it a lift/being kinda straight). :\

What I want is :: How do I set up my hair after the shower? Example: put it in a towel.

Here are some posed pictures of me with my "photo hairstyle"xD — which pretty much means after school – my hair is more relaxed so i take out my bobbypin and create my bangs.

And sorry >< these were the only photos i could find of myself with more view of the bangs 😀

PS: I take showers at night, but i wait until they are dry and then go to bed << if this might help 😀

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