What hairstyle would look best with my dress? Opinions and pictures please!!!?

Im getting married in February and I still havnt figured out what to do with my hair! Here is a link to my dress:


I really want something glamorous and classy, something that goes well the dress and the winter-feel of the wedding. I do not want a tiara, and was planning on getting a really beautiful comb instead. I think I look better with more volume in my hair than a sleek look, even though those are lovely. I do want an updo because of my hair type and length (stubbornly thin, about 3 inches past my shoulders) Does anyone have any pictures or suggestions? I have looked all over and I cant seem to find anything I LOVE.

Here is a link to some pictures of me:


Thanks so much for your help!

Here are a couple I like:

Graciela- do you have any pics of your hair you could send me? Thanks!

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