Would this hairstyle look good on me? :]?

Okay so, I’m thinking about getting my hair cut tomorrow. I went to a new hair salon on thursday and they said if I came back they’d cut it (obviously enough). So tomorrow my mom is taking me out to get a new backpack and she said she’d take me to get my hair cut too if I want. I start grade 9 on the second (of september) so I gotta my hair cut soon if I want it cut before school therefore I have to get it done this week. Anyhow, back to the important stuff :p. In order to get the hairstyle I want I seriously have to commit to it, straighten it almost every day , gel the bangs, hairspray, get clips for weekends when I’ll leave it curly ect. Anyhow I’m so afriad I’ll get it cut and it’ll look horrible with it. My friends said it would look good, but for all I know they could just be humoring me. And no it’s not a matter of me not trusting them. Okay, totally rambling about unimportant stuff. So I’mma just post the pictures and save the "ew ur lyke so ugly" comments. I’m quite aware of that thanks, but that wasn’t my question :]. Oh and I’m also open to any suggestions of what you think might look better.

Me: https://img82.imageshack.us/img82/1341/sexxinacupow7.png

Hairstyle: https://photos-h.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v196/84/16/578730610/n578730610_2529327_8584.jpg
Yes thank you for the "your not even scene" comment, please show me where I said I was? 😀 Learn how to read before you make a comment like that. I like the hair. That’s it, but way to be ignorant 😀

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